Since her debut, Mimori has continued to create music of unfaltering quality. The uniqueness of her angelic voice along with the sheer abundance of her songs have earned her a respected position in the Japanese music world, a position which might easily be called a genre in itself.

Mimorifs originality when it comes to live performance deserves attention. Not only does she perform at concert halls, she also holds an annual series of concerts, to coincide with the blossoming of peach trees to celebrate gGirls Festivalh, a Japanese tradition of celebrating the birth of baby girls. These concerts feature special guests with whom Mimori holds a live session. In addition, she sings songs, sometimes nostalgic songs, which she feels like singing, not only her own creations. Another type of performance is entitled gBonbonniereh. This is a piano solo type of concert held in a casual atmosphere. It features Mimori conversing with the audience, and is infused with her unique brand of humor. It is said that these informal gatherings are somewhat addictive.

In addition to albums featuring her own songs, Mimori has always seen it as a part of her life work to communicate to future generations as well as to the international community. Japanfs popular music of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa Eras. Consequently, she has released two albums to date, (gLemonh in 2002 from Toshiba EMI, and gSweet Lemonh in 2008 from Yamaha Music Communications) containing nostalgic gems from previous eras.

Mimorifs major hits include, gGive me a Maph (used in 1989 in a Nisshin Cup Noodle commercial which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger) and gKuroh (used in 2005 on an NHK program, gMinna no Utah). In June 2009, she released her latest album, gCahier de Gingah. One of the tracks on this album gIfm here with youh, was chosen for NHKfs gMinna no Utah, and as the there song for NHKfs animated movie gLight of the Riverh, which is part of the broadcasting corporationfs eco-campaign, gSave the Futureh. It is anticipated that Mimori will continue to move listeners of all age groups with her enchanting music and personality.